How demand for money drives the increase of money and debt

Here we are. 15 Trillion in debt and the world has not broken.

How is this possible? Why haven't we entered hyper-inflation? Or massive civil war? Or deflation?

We have 7 billion people on earth. They are all hungry, need shelter, safety and quality of life. What does that mean? They are all willing to work to the bone to maintain or improve their current condition.

How can we on planet earth sustain a multi-trillion dollar economy?

The answer is obvious. People will always demand money and debt to keep alive. Infinitely.

Capitalism allows the few who control the distribution of work, money and debt to also control the supply of work, money and debt.

The debt never needs to be repaid in full. It only needs to be maintained at the lowest marginal rate. The lowest interest rate. At the shortest term. One day. The over-night lending rate.

With automation and productivity gains, the ability to create surplus and profit increases exponentially. And the marginal debt repayment costs becomes almost nil. The owners of capital and production reduce their labour costs to nothing while continually improving profitability and (most importantly) the ability to sustain their debt load through marginal gains in productivity.